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Our Philosophy : “A person's Fate is Determined by their Character.” Heraclitus

The Future of Mankind is Not Out There, it's Here and we have Found a Viable and Effective Solution. At InvalTec Technologies, we have Developed a Simple way convert Mass into 'Pure' Energy. Clean. Simple. Safe.
Sharing Knowledge' and Experience Together, can provide us with Invaluable Thoughts, Ideas and Concepts.
Innovative and Creative Projects developed by InvalTec is Solely Dependent upon your Support and so, we Sincerely Thank all of you who have Helped Share our Knowledge and Experience with others and for this, we are Truly Grateful. For those who are recently new to our websites, we Welcome you to Explore and Enjoy a Culmination of Resourceful and Informative Information as a Collection of Knowledge, Experience and Resources whereby Improving, Enhancing and Expanding all of our lives.
Welcome to a World' where we Chose to Share Common Interests, Aspirations, Growth in order to Influence a Positive Direction in the World from which we all ‘Share’.
Stephen Verdon, Ph.D., CEO
InvalTec Innovative Technology
"If I only knew about this sooner.", Gregory
"Certainly a culmination of a life's work.", Bob
"This is exactly what I've been praying to find. Changed my life.", JT
"I love what you are offering the world with your knowledge. It's brilliant.", Gale
"Your research is a Miracle in Progress. I and others are completely pain free since wearing MagneMax.", Dominic
"Thank You for bringing this discovery to our planet as your work has made our lives easier and much healthier .", D'Arcy
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