Dissolves Calcium Deposits in Water and other Liquids
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Calcium Dissolver & Build-up Prevention

Our AquaSmarter Calcium Dissolver Success was built from the "KISS Principal”. Provide our Customers with Products that are "Easy to Use, Inexpensive and offers a Remarkable Difference."

• Removes Mineral Deposits  • Improves Water Quality
• Stops Staining and Pitting • Works with All Fresh Water
• Improves Water Clarity • Laundry is Softer
• Water Feel Softer and Cleaner • Reduces Water Spotting
• Improves Soap Efficiency • Maintenance Free

Guaranteed to Last 12-Full Months

To better understand what the Capabilities of and How Effective our CalcAway Submersible ‘Ionization’ Technology works by produceing a Powerful Magnetic Resonance and when Scientifically Formulated, will effectively Charge Calcinated Water with Opposing Properties.  Consequently, commonly charged Calcium Molecules will inherently oppose each other therefore produce the CalcAway ‘Decoagulation Process’.

Water naturally has many different minerals. These minerals crystallize and form on the surfaces of plumbing, fixtures, heaters and water tanks. This process is increased with the addition of calcium in existing water.

CA Calcium Dissolver physically changes the molecular structure of water with an “electromagnetic” field producing "Ionized" water molecules.

This is a Formula in which scientifically describes the effects of when a Calcium based Molecule is introduced to collisional (Ionization) energy. Collective effects in the ionization of calcium atoms following resonance of a Ratio of 4s4p 3P1 while in its metastable 'maximum ionization' potency state. Indicator constructs for Ca2+ called cameleons using steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy of the full construct and of the protein component, namely ECFP (donor) and EYFP (acceptor). EYFP displays a complicated photophysical behavior including protonated and deprotonated species involved in an excited-state proton transfer.

When EYFP is excited in the absorption band of the protonated species, a fast deactivation of Ionization occurs involving almost 97% of the excited protonated population and leading to a low efficiency of the proton transfer when introduced to a stable population-saturation of Ions. ECFP displays a multi-exponential decay with a major contributing component of 3.2ns. The time-resolved data obtained upon excitation at 420 nm of Ca2+-free and Ca2+-bound YC3.1 cameleon constructs point to the existence of different conformations of calmodulin dependent on Ca2+ binding. Whereas the steady-state data show only an increase in the efficiency of energy transfer upon Ca2+ binding, the time-resolved data demonstrate the existence of three distinct conformations or populations within the sample.

Although the mechanism of the interconversion between the different conformations and the extent of interconversion are still in theory, the time resolved data offer an estimation of the rate constants, of the efficiency of the energy transfer, and of the donor-acceptor distances in the Ca2+-free and Ca2+-bound YC3.1 samples. Measuring Ca2+ signals in organelles by using pairs of GFP variants (either GFP blue or cyan as donors and either EGFP or a modified EYFP as acceptors linked by calmodulin (CaM) and the calmodulin-binding peptide M13 from myosin light chain kinase and demonstrated by the applicability as biochemical

Binding of Ca2+ to the four binding sites of calmodulin results in wrapping of calmodulin around the M13 domain, resulting in the approach of the flanking proteins and hence to an increase in the efficiency of the energy transfer. Moreover, the calmodulin protein can tune Ca2+ affinities so that free Ca2+ concentrations in the 10-8 to 10-2M range can be measured. So far, cameleon proteins were used to estimate free Ca2+ concentration in cytosol, nucleus, and endoplasmic reticulum of individual cells.

Because the concentration of Ca2+ is estimated from the efficiency of energy (Ionization) transfer, the photophysical properties of both donor and acceptor is required. Therefore, the photophysical properties of the two GFP variants used in the construction of the YC3.1 cameleon, i.e., ECFP (donor) and EYFP (acceptor), were implemented by means of a time-correlated single photon counting spectroscopy.

The same technique was also used to reveal the dynamics and modifications of the efficiency of energy/ion transfer between the two GFPs in the cameleon induced by the binding and dissociation kinetics of Ca2+. Before this study, the GFP and several of its enhanced variants were the subject of intense photophysical studies. Therefore, Calcium based molecules when introduced to Ionization, directly and exponentially affects a 'depopulation' of the metastable (ionization) state by a ratio of 4s4p 3P1.

Ionized water has greater solvency to wash and clean existing plumbing. Ionized water is cleaner, feels softer, smoother and silky to the touch. Ionization to condition water has been available for over 40-years throughout Europe and Asia. During the last 20-years, many agencies and companies have adopted this technology including the Federal Trade Commission; (F.T.C.); US Department of Energy, (D.O.E.); US Department of Commerce, (D.O.C.); American Chemistry Society; American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers; Amoco; Standard Oil and many more.

When  Calcinated Water is left to dry, the minerals will consequently become exposed however, if water charged with CalcAway remains liquid, calcium molecules that are charged will not stick (coagulate).

Any calcium that would be present as long as surface areas remain Submerged will begin to dissolve and depending on Saturation, within the first few weeks.  What becomes noticeable, is an increased amount of calcium for the first few weeks due to the Decoagulation of the calcium deposits, however this will quickly subside shortly after.

One of the most common choices of conditioning water has been with salt softeners through the use of chemicals. Salt-systems have been questioned in recent years due to their high levels of sodium deposits accumulated in the water supply. Excessive salt consumption has been linked to high blood pressure and circulatory problems. Throughout the United Stated, the use of salt-systems is becoming restricted due to back-washing salt brine.

Using CalcAway without a form of Filtration will not ‘remove’ Calcium from the water but it will keep Calcinated Water in its Molecular Structure from Coagulating (sticking) and as long as the Calcium Molecule remains ‘wet’.  When Calcinated Water Molecule is exposed to Air and ‘dries’, it will then expose the Minerals that remain present in the water.  Having said, as long as the Calcium Molecule remains ‘wet’, it will not Stick and more importantly, by Charging a Calcinated Water Molecule, it will eventually Decoagulate and therefore, ‘Clean’ Calcinated (clogged) Pipes, Tubes and Plumbing. 

Calcium is the #1 cause of Gaul Bladder (kidney) Stones.

AquaSmarter Calcium Dissolver is not designed to remove Calcium in the water but to “Prevent it from accumulating” in the intestinal track which forms small pebbles that become too large to pass through the urinary track.  Many Hospitals worldwide are treating an epidemic number of Patients suffering from this condition.

This information describes how by "charging" water that contains excessive Calcium, will not allow the Calcium Molecule to stick or accumulate in the digestive and urinary track.

You can find supportive information at:  http://www.urologychannel.com/kidneystones/index.shtml

Calcium Stones:Calcium Stones Approximately 85% of stones are composed predominantly of calcium compounds. The most common cause of calcium stone production is excess calcium in the urine (hypercalciuria). Excess calcium is normally removed from the blood by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. In hypercalciuria, excess calcium builds up in the kidneys and urine, where it combines with other waste products to form stones. Low levels of citrate, high levels of oxalate and uric acid, and inadequate urinary volume may also cause calcium stone formation.

Some Facts on the Effects of Drinking Magnetized Water: Read more...
Used in Russian clinics to relieve pain, reduce swelling and for the removal and prevention of kidney stones.

Ionization to condition water has been available for over 40-years throughout Europe and Asia.  During the last 20-years, many agencies and companies have adopted this technology including the Federal Trade Commission; (F.T.C.); US Department of Energy, (D.O.E.); US Department of Commerce, (D.O.C.); American Chemistry Society; American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers; Amoco; Standard Oil and many more.

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