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The Carmelita's History

Dear Friends,

“From the Source” - 'Music that will Touch your Soul'. It is with my Sincerest Appreciation to be given this Precious Gift and the opportunity to Share these 'Philosophical Words' with you. Thank you...
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Going Home

Thank you Very Much for the Opportunity to Share these

'Heart Warming - Inspirational Songs'

What Comes From Dreams

All 'Original Songs' were Written,Composed and Performed by: Stephen Verdon, Ph.D. Most of all these Songs were Composed from Dreams.

"Stephen, Congratulations on your excellence !!!!! And the same to all that participated. The music is very profound. But it all makes me very sad….the whole story…and all…know how it all came about. I am glad that somehow the song is filling the hearts of others….where a hole has been left. I am very happy that you have brought love and peace to people that are special. You are a prophet of the ages….and all you touch are truly blessed….including me. I take of my hat to you Sir ! Thank you for your love and time on this planet!", Ed Acosta

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Handmade Guitars.

Ryan Mission-BRW is a culmination of Infinite Harmonic Depth and Resonance with a Stunning Personality. This Instrument Truly produces one of the most Remarkably Delicious Instruments I have had the Rare Pleasure of enjoying.

You Truly Build a Remarkably Beautiful Instrument.

Thank you,
Stephen Verdon, Ph.D. - svphd@invaltec.com


Accompaniment Orchestration and Recorded by Pigo Moffioli Recording

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The Secrect Of The Game The Road to Success Revealed

Life always presents itself with constant and sometimes insurmountable Challenges in which there are Always Solutions.

Success (or Failure) always depends on the ability to remain Persistently Focused on one’s Goal and a Relentless Determination to Succeed. Failure will always repeat itself until we ultimately learn to how to Overcome and Prevail.
by: Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

Doctor I Feel GreatMotivational Therapy

Process to Positively Effect Emotional and Physical Well Being.

Effortless Weight Loss; Quit Smoking; Eliminate Stress Forever; Fast Asleep in Minutes; Freedom from Dependency; Turning towards Completion; Regain Control; Say 'Goodbye' to Procrastination; Enjoy Smiling Again and so much more....
by: Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

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