By nature she is a Very Expressive, cheerful, spiritual and dynamic individual and always wishing to experience New and Creative aspects which has expanded her many Skills and Talents far beyond her Wildest Dreams. These many Gifts are expressed through her song “Olvido” (1999), which was based on her poem reflecting the Passions of Life. Also co-composed by Rodrigo “Pigo” Maffioli whose Studio where this Inspirational Song was originally produced and recorded.

Later was Mauricio Duarte who did the Video Composition and production of the song.

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Carmen Santos was conceived from the love and affection from two very special parents, Manuel Santos and Emilce Gamboa in a small Farming Town in Northern Costa Rica after 8 years of "Hoping and Wishing for a Beautiful Daughter".

She grew up in a farm and studied at the Ascención Esquivel School in Liberia. She was part of the second promotion of the Santa Ana School in Liberia amongst only 7-school mates and then moved with her mother to study in San Jose (200-miles away from her life on the Farm) to study at the Notre Dame de Sion High School. She began her studies in the field of Interior Decorating, Modeling, Fashion Merchandising and Design as well as Automotive Mechanics, Accounting, Art, Masters Garden before graduating from the Biblical institute ITEPA in 2009.