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Comments from our Listeners

"Very elucidating. Thank you so much. My best wishes, Royce"

"This is exactly the sort of stuff I've been praying to find to change my life.", JT

"A well presented outline. Real life and useable information for all ages.", Brian R., NYC

"Certainly a culmination of a life's work.", Bob W., Chicago

"If I only knew this information sooner.", Greg T., Dallas

"Outstanding material.", Jennifer B., Boston

“You are a very talented individual. I listened to your music on the way to Florida yesterday. It was fantastic. You are a very talented individual. You really need to get this music out to many others, Especially with all the tragedy, death, war and pain that's currently beleaguering our world. Good Luck and God bless.” Bob Summers, San Diego, California

“Unbelievable!!! Move over Yanni! Is there anything you can't do? Absolutely AMAZING!!!”, Jill ,Miami, Florida

“Your music is much more enjoyable than the Warren Zevon song, ‘Carmelita’ that was performed and recorded by Linda Ronstadt.”, Mike, New Jersey

“I really enjoyed your music and your arrangement is very enjoyable!”, Steven Coach, California

“I received your CD yesterday and played it about five times. I might be able play two or three cords. Great music.”, John

“Some nice stuff by the way!”, Hal

“That’s some super fine music on your CD. Maybe someday I'll be able to play that.”, John (Thanks John)

“Hello, It sounds like you have a talent as I enjoy your music. It's like one of those things that makes life seem a little better? ‘What Comes from Dreams’ reminds me of Shakespeare's, "What Dreams May Come" which suggests that we live according to our favorite illusions, that the intellect is indeed a speck on a sea of emotion and that just about everything is not as it appears.” Thank you again, Steve

“Very touching music. We have 3 dogs and some horses as well, they are better friends than most humans to us... Your song 'Carmelita' really nails it. Our German Shepherd goes in for surgery to remove a grapefruit size mass in her abdomen. There's a 50/50 chance that she'll make it. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me! I really Enjoyed it!!!” Thanks, Mike

BTW: This past March, a friend who lives in The Netherlands, had lost their 16-year old Daughter to a Very Rare form of Cancer just 2-days after being diagnosed. I had composed Nancy's Song, "The Door" in her Memory. He wrote that this Song had really helped he and his family and believes that Nancy’s Lyrics was truly a Gift from Heaven.

One Purpose - One Spirit
The importance of "Honor and Integrity"
"Pride and Responsibility" in what we do.
"Trust and Faith" in our beliefs.
Without, we have failed before we begin.
If not for us than for our Children, for their Children and the Future of their World.
Their Future Depends on all of us Working and Living Together for the Good of Humanity.


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