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'Going Home'

'Heart Warming - Inspirational Songs'

Dear Friends, Some of us have to 'Work for a Living' while others have chosen to 'Work to Build' a Better Lifestyle. We chose to Work towards accomplishing a 'Greater Purpose' which has provided us with the Greatest Reward of all, Making Music or as some say, "Nourishment for the Soul"…

Providing Clean, Safe, Potable Water (AquaSmarter) for us, has been a Necessity especially for those who desperately need Clean Water (www.MiracleEgg.com) however, 'There Really is 'So Much More to Life' than Just Living and so we choose to Enrich the Lives of Others…

Please do visit our Newest Distributor who just Listed our Just Released, 3rd Music Album CD, "Going Home"… http://www.jango.com/music/Stephen?l=0 / http://www.last.fm/music/StephenVerdon/Going+Home+-+Greatest+Collection

…and Thanks to you, our Journey of 'Creative Expression' has been the Most Enjoyable and Rewarding Experience. All the Best 'for' Life and Thank you for Listening…,

Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.,
Inspirational Music 'for' Life...

"Going Home" Greatest Collection - Music List
  1. To
  2. The Door
  3. Stand
  4. Let's Fall in Love
  5. Why don't you Care
  6. Love is Beautiful
  7. Change the World
  8. Was it a Dream
  9. Eternally
  10. Carmelita
  11. Pleasure & Pain
  12. Pretty Bird
  13. Life
  14. The Miner
  15. Woman of Spain
  16. When
  17. Until Then
  18. Walking the World

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Going Home
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Message From The Source
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Watch The Inspirational Songs by Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

The Bird Inspirational Song
"Pretty Bird"
Carmelita Inspirational Song
The Door Inspirational Song
"The Door"
Why Don't They Care Inspirational Song
"Why Don't They Care"
Stand Up Inspirational Song
"Stand Up"
Let's Just Fall in Love Inspirational Song
"Let's Just Fall in Love"
To Inspirational Song
Love is Beautiful Inspirational Song
"Love is Beautiful"
Eternally Inspirational Song
Eternally Inspirational Song
"The Miner"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"Was it a Dream"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"Walking The World"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"Until Then"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"I Do Love You"
Love is Beautiful Inspirational Song
"Woman of Spainl"
Love is Beautiful Inspirational Song
"Pleasure & Pain"
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