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'A Message From The Source'

'Heart Warming - Inspirational Songs'

It is with my Sincerest intention in providing you with an opportunity to learn from those before us in which to be given this Gift, “From the Source” in Sharing Life's 'Important Philosophical Tools'. These Tools which have proven no less than important than the Air we Breathe, can provide our Children with a much 'Greater Understanding' and Appreciation for those around us.

As like us who have struggled to Learn these Essential Tools (Philosophy’s of Life), have come to realize with Great Cost, that Life and the Lesson's we were provided to learn from, were from the Resources and the Path we ‘chose’ to walk.

I am immensely confident, that the information held within these Songs, will considerably favor your Future and the Consequential Outcome of your Journey.

"A Message From The Source" Music List
  1. To - Studio
  2. The Door - Studio
  3. Stand - Studio
  4. Stand - Unplugged
  5. Let’s Fall in Love - Studio
  6. Let’s Fall in Love - Unplugged
  7. Why don’t they Care - Studio
  8. Love is Beautiful - Studio
  9. Love is Beautiful - Unplugged
  10. Change the World - Studio

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Message From The Source
Message From The Source
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Watch The Inspirational Songs by Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

The Bird Inspirational Song
"Pretty Bird"
Carmelita Inspirational Song
The Door Inspirational Song
"The Door"
Why Don't They Care Inspirational Song
"Why Don't They Care"
Stand Up Inspirational Song
"Stand Up"
Let's Just Fall in Love Inspirational Song
"Let's Just Fall in Love"
To Inspirational Song
Love is Beautiful Inspirational Song
"Love is Beautiful"
Eternally Inspirational Song
Eternally Inspirational Song
"The Miner"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"Was it a Dream"
Eternally Inspirational Song
"Walking The World"
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