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'What Comes of Dreams'

'By Stephen Veredon Ph.D.

Dear Friends, “From the Source” and "What Comes from Dreams", 'Music that Touches the Soul'.

It is with my Sincerest Appreciation to be given the Gift of Music and the opportunity to Share this 'Inspiration' with you.

Carmelita and why I was inspired to write the Music for this CD. I would like to share a 'Very Special Chapter' in our Family's Lives which marked the beginning of a Journey of Inspiration.

The song, "Carmelita's Song" was written in her memory as she was my Wife, Carmen's 'Best Friend' for 9 years. When Carmelita died just over 2-years ago, Carmen was suffering terribly from losing her, especially from losing someone who has been her 'Best Friend' for many years. For almost a week, Carmen went into a deep depression. She slept very little and would sit in front of her grave and tell her (Carmelita) stories about their past. I felt compelled to do something so I wrote her this song in her 'Memory'.

When I first played it for Carmen and her mother, both wept. I remember saying that Carmelita will now live 'Forever' in this song and for those who knew her, they too will also enjoy her memories through this music. Carmen and I took Carmelita' Song to a Professional Recording Studio in San Jose (200-miles from where we live) and asked them to Produce something as a Special 'Gift' for my Wife and told them the story that inspired the Music. They were so touched by the thought of what the song represented that they created the result of what has become, "Carmelita's Song".

When Carmen heard the finished version for the first time at Pigo's Studio, she cried again and the Studio producers were so touched by Carmen's appreciation for their work, they too began to cry. It was a very inspirational moment for all of us. After playing it a few times, we all Celebrated the memory of Carmelita and how the Love for someone who meant so much to Carmen and her Family and knowing that the Spirit of someone so Dear really 'Never Dies' and the Feelings from having so many Wonderful Memories, do Live with us Forever...

The following day, Pigo took the finished copy to a Local FM Radio Station (94.7) where the Owner and his Program Director listened to it twice. They both were so touched by this music that they began playing Carmelita' Song the following day on their Evening 'New Artists' Program.

Later that year, I had an opportunity of performing 'Carmelita Song' for the first time in front of an audience of over 2500 people.

After the show, so many people came up to us hiding tears in their eyes and thanking us for the words that seemed to mean so much to them. That was our 3rd Wedding Anniversary where our Family and a few close Friends were also in the audience. This will be an Experience none of us will ever forget.

Carmelita's Song and her Memories are being shared by so many people who too have someone Special in their Hearts. One never knows where or how far Carmelita's Song will go. People as far away as Germany, Prague, yesterday France, the UK, Italy even Japan and all over the US have purchased her Album.

Like all valuable relationships, we carry Lasting Memories in a very special place in our Hearts that inspires all of our Thoughts, Dreams, Aspirations, Desires and Hope that one day, we will all be a Family Again. I truly believe that a part of her song was inspired by everyone who shared a special part of our lives...

Thank you for Sharing your time with us and hope you have enjoyed these 'Heart Warming and Inspirational Songs'...

Thank you very much for listening...
Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

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